Update on Hornsea Project One foundations

21.06.2017 10:00

In November 2016 DONG Energy announced that EEW SPC would provide 116 monopile foundations for Hornsea Project One offshore windfarm, and in early 2017 that 116 transition pieces would be provided by Bladt Industries with Offshore Structures Britain, and Steelwind with Wilton Engineering.


It has now been decided that monopile foundations will also be used for the remaining 58 foundations, and supply contracts including for transition pieces are in the advanced stages of negotiation.


It was indicated previously that Suction Bucket Jacket foundations were under consideration for the remaining third of Hornsea Project One, however until the details could be finalised the project and suppliers have kept flexibility for a range of options. Hornsea Project One, which will become the biggest windfarm in the world, is a large-scale construction project, and the needs of the project, including timescales, have led to DONG Energy taking the decision to use the same monopile/transition piece foundation solution for all turbines. This decision optimises the execution of the project, and helps ensure it will be built on time.