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"The best thing about my job is that it is dynamic...
the end result is something real, that you can see,
touch, and be proud of."



Big boost for Teesside firm as DONG Energy places orders for world’s biggest windfarm

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Did you know?

The wind farm uses 7 megawatt (MW) wind turbines, each standing at 190 metres tall


...that's 10 meters taller than The Gherkin!


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Meet the Team Meet the Team

​This is Richard Swann, Construction Project Manager for the onshore substation site in North Killingholme.

Find out what it's like to be a Construction Project Manager and gain insight on career advice.

​What do you do in your job?  

I am the Construction Manager for the Hornsea Project One onshore substation, I am responsible for managing the delivery of the onshore substation throughout the construction phase from a green field to a full commissioned and operational substation.

What do you love about your job?/What is interesting about your role?

The best thing about my job is that it is dynamic, even though we have a detailed plans for the project each day brings new challenges. It is very rewarding in that the end result is something real that you can see, touch and be proud of.

What inspired you to work in the renewables industry/your role?

I first came into renewables whilst working for the Principal Contractor for DONG Energy on the Westermost Rough onshore substation, which introduced me to the offshore wind industry and DONG Energy. I enjoyed the project and working with DONG Energy so much that following successful delivery I upped sticks and joined DONG Energy on the Burbo Bank project.

Do you have any insights for someone wanting to get into a similar career?

Unfortunately there is no quick way to become a Construction Manager as it relies on experience and knowledge built up over time. A degree in a construction related topic is a good starting point and from there look to join a company that is recognised for investing in their employees, that will give you the right training and experience to advance your career. It's hard work but worth it!

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